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Those boring meetings

Boring meetings

Can you recall the last time you were imprisoned in a meeting during which you lost all sense of time, could not stop yourself yawning and wished you could get back to your desk and actually do some real work?

Well, I’m sure you’ve all experienced it. Don’t deny it, I know you have - we all have. Every work place I’ve ever been to and every project I’ve worked on, I’ve found them to be unavoidable. For some unknown reason, I’m convinced they exist only to torment us!

On that note, let me introduce Nev n Dave’s guide to a good meeting:

  1. Have a clear purpose - What is the meeting about? What are you trying to achieve?
  2. Keep things relevant and on topic - Do not over deviate from the agenda. Are the right participants invited?
  3. Encourage participation and discussion - Don’t talk too much. Let someone else contribute to the meeting.
  4. Keep it short - Get the message across succinctly. End the meeting once the objectives are accomplished.

Do you have a boring meeting experience to share with us?

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Let’s do a web comic!

Just how many blogs are there out there? Whilst there are many which are interesting, there are also a whole bunch which are not. We know we don’t want yet another blog amongst a forest of blogs. The question then is “How could we stand out from the crowd?”.

After some brainstorming, we’ve decided to try our hand at doing a web comic! Yup, Nev N Dave is going to be a web comic blog about software engineering, running startups as solopreneurs (solo-entrepreneurs), the internet movement and any insights we have as we go.

Let's do a web comic!

Neither of us have really maintained a blog before. And we’re not trained as artists. So this is going to be an interesting experiment! Armed with only our enthusiasm, let’s see where this leads us.

Nev will be the one doing the storyboarding and Dave will do the drawing honours. Both of us, hopefully, will contribute to the textual content.

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We’re online! Nev n Dave lives!

Hi, welcome to the adventures of Nev n Dave! We’re a couple of software engineers located downunder in Sydney, Australia! We’ve been friends for a few years and have worked on various contracts together and thought it would be fun to start a blog together.

So what are we going to do with our new blog? That’s a good question. We’re not too sure, but we want to be different. Since we’re a couple of propellor heads, our blog is most likely going to be centered around the things we’re interested in such as pushing the boundaries of web enterprises, exploring crazy ideas and embarking on interesting quests and thought analysis.

Failing that, we’re hoping to have some fun and make a few friends along the way. So watch this space!